CBET, CRES, and CLES Certification:


The Board of Examiners for Biomedical Equipment Technicians, operating under the direction of the United States Certification Commission (USCC) and the International Certification Commision, maintains the certification programs for Biomedical Equipment Technicians (CBET), Radiology Equipment Specialists (CRES), and Laboratory Equipment Specialists (CLES).  One certification is not a prerequisite for another. Each certification undefined CBET, CRES, CLES undefined requires a separate, complete application and a separate examination. Applicants may test in only one discipline per examination.


Resources For Further Review:


1) International Certification Commission Handbook For Applicants.

CLICK HERE to view or download.

2) Biomed Certification Study Guide prepared by Dave Harrington for the CMIA California Medical Instrumentation Association .


Click here to view or download biomed_study_guide.pdf  


3) 2012 AAMI BMET Study Guide On CD:
"Preparing for Certification and Sharpening Your Skills"

to get more information and to order from the AAMI website.


4) The BioMed Ed Website has been created to provide study guides and sample exam questions for those preparing to take the CBET certification. This material is not intended to “teach” individuals, but rather review and renew materials that have been learned through education, training and work experience.


CLICK HERE  for BioMed Ed Study Resources for CBET Certification.


CLICK HERE  to view the 2012 BioMed Ed Schedule.


5) The Colorado Association of Biomedical Equipment Technicians CABMET CBET Study Group is another best way to study for certification. It is available by teleconference to everyone in the nation.  This group is now offering  CBET, CLES, and CRES study review classes.


CLICK HERE  for additional information on the CABMET Website.


CLICK HERE  for the 2012 Schedule and Registration.
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