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iCBET was developed and designed by Manuel Jimenez, BEET, CBET or Manny as most people know him.  During his quest for CBET certification, Manny noticed that there is no one place to conveniently find study material for the CBET exam.  Textbooks were expensive and information was scattered. iCBET was created to help BMETs who are seeking their certification.  In Manny’s opinion, certification demonstrates an individuals competency when it comes to healthcare technology and one’s dedication to the clinical engineering field.
CBET certification is currently voluntary, but in the future, as healthcare technology evolves…. and all those who work in the industry know how fast this is happening…. It may be a tool that employers use to pick out those who are really competent and can get the job done safely, correctly, and professionally.  It may even become mandatory!  SO, it’s better to take the CBET exam now, while there is no pressure.
iCBET is the best tool you can have to prepare for the CBET exam of you are always on the go!  iCBET give you access to 1000+ flashcards packed with important and relevant information that is sure to help you pass the test!

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